Using your heart rate to train with weights and resistance for fitness

Date: Nov 27, 2016

Fitness Training using your hear rate as a guide to peak fitness is standard practice and indeed it’s a reliable measure of where you’re at during any kind of training session used to increase physical fitness. And weight training as with any other sport can be used to significantly increase physical fitness if approached in the right way. Most weight training, across the board, is generally made up of sets and reps of anything from 3 to 6 sets and generally 6 to 15 reps.

With resistance or weight training using your heart rate, the number of reps or sets doesn’t apply. In the case of heart rate training the time of rest periods, set concentric times, and set eccentric will all change. 

Basically there is very little rest period. Its start and don’t stop. 

As with any exercise session begin with the basic stretches, calf, quadriceps, hamstring, chest, shoulder, tricep, and bicep/forearm. Next warm up with a cardio exercise for 10 minutes on either a bike, treadmill, or preferably a rowing machine for the very good reason it’s a full body exercise. Get your heart rate up to 80% max even if you have to extend the cardio for longer.

Make sure a list of about 16-18 exercises, including legs, are ready but any particular order is not necessary. You don’t want to be standing around having a think about it as the cardio/weight session requires concentration and timing. You just need to get it on and get it done.

Start with the first exercise. Load a comfortable resistance or use comfortable free weights. Set a high pace of reps for about 30 seconds. Move straight away to the next exercise trying to allow only 30-40 seconds between the last and the new exercise. And so on. Keep an eye on your heart rate making sure it’s running at around 75% to 85% or at a level that fits your currant fitness level

The secret of heart rate fitness training is to produce a heart rate intense workout using the weights or machines for resistance. And like any fitness training it may require some experimentation. A good time for the circuit would be 30 minutes which means going through your exercises twice. If you can manage the pace go through it 3 times which effectively gives you 3 sets per exercise and will certainly provide an excellent workout for fitness. If you don’t consider yourself to be very fit then take it easy to start with. Build up at a pace your existing fitness can handle as even a 30 minute workout of this type can be quite physically demanding.

After the workout warm down with 10 plus minutes on a treadmill and stretches.


Interval training with weights and cardio.