Date: Jun 25, 2017

The nutritionists used to get you to make a list of everything you ate, and the time when you ate it, for 7 days. Then they pretended to know what to do with the information. They’d conjure up a studious look on their face and proceed to write up an entirely new diet based on, in actual fact, not much information at all. No questions asked like ‘did any of your diet give you energy’ or ‘did any of your diet produce fatigue, or ‘how much sleep do you get’ or how much water do you drink per day’ or what’s your mental energy like during the day’ or ‘what time of the day do you feel best’ or do any of your blood tests show abnormalities?

The thing is with the people that eat coffee and cigarettes for breakfast, lunch, and God knows what for dinner, part of the solution is obvious to anyone. It may not happen quite like that however you can bet the farm it’s pretty close so it’s a waste of time to pursue the matter in this blog.

However being overweight or underweight can be habit forming especially after a long period of time doing nothing about it. People that have been overweight for a long time, to a degree, will have developed a mind set or eating habit in the way they habitually eat the wrong things or have too much of even the right things.

Relationships and poor interaction with others can play a part in being either overweight or underweight. It may be that your partner has dumped you. So what…. get another one and move on. It’s no reason to eat badly and be unhealthy because you haven’t been appreciated. So look after yourself with good food and good exercise.

Work related stress and as a consequence not eating properly during the work day can only make stress worse especially if it carries over to your home life.

The bottom line is get the lead out and discipline yourself to do what you instinctively know is to be the right thing to do. And that is don’t eat stuff you already know is wrong for you. Have meals you really do know is right for you and makes you feel better. Eat only when you need to eat and not for the sake of eating. Do not eat takeaways when you know it’s just not the thing to help with any health problems you might have.

Eat to be healthy……Eat to have a good life