Date: Jun 25, 2017

Want a full body workout? Then head straight for the rowing machine.

Along with some other exercises that are relevant to improving rowing power and ability, rowing can improve strength in your legs, back, arms, glutes and core. The exercise itself and associated exercises will also help to give you an A1 posture. Plus with a dedicated program, and your dedication, it will improve your health and fitness level out of sight.

However, to achieve all of the above the personal requirement for you is to actually like rowing. You may have to sit on that rower for up to an hour, and possibly longer. Plus you’ll have to spend some time with resistance machines like seated row, leg curl and leg extension.

There are 2 levels that you can consider.

The first is to dedicate your workouts to rowing to encompass all of your fitness needs. A full on program will be 2 days on and 2 days off sessions or if you have the stamina an extended 1 day session with 1 day off

If you can’t handle that then go to plan B

Plan B is to integrate it in to your normal gym workouts. Even a twenty to thirty minute session 3 times a week along with other cardio workouts and, subject to your currant fitness level, run your heart rate at 75 to 90%. It will go a long way to an improved fitness level although it would probably suit most people to have a greater variation of exercises in their workouts. Variation, for some, can be a lot more interesting as opposed to taking the whole thing too seriously.

But rowing is special. It’s an all round fitness and strength workout but it would definitely not turn everybody’s crank as it is seen by some as boring, which apparently overrides the prime objective which is to be fit and strong. So it’s up to the individual to make the choice as to how one goes about getting fit, keeping in mind that to get the best out of anything, it requires that bit extra. Mentally and physically.

But it is special because properly worked with the associated exercises it can be a total gym workout in itself. So, step up and go for gold in the rowing.