Date: Aug 22, 2017

If you are going to enter into a physical health regime then why not set the bar high and go the whole nine yards? It just needs some focus and the right state of mind.

For overall wellbeing across the board there’s general health, cardio fitness, and strength training. The trick is to combine all three into an interacting package. Which in itself sounds easy enough except it’s the input used in each of the components that creates the balance that gives your body the power and endurance you’ve been looking for.

GENERAL HEALTH re Diet and Supplements

Beginning with general health, a good start is to give your body the kind food that is suited to your specific metabolism, or to be clearer, the type of food containing a balance of protein and carbs that you can digest easily allowing for a high absorption rate of vitamins and minerals. Although, keep in mind from the age of 40 there is a gradual decline in rates of absorption so be aware of this when sorting out your diet and supplements.

CARDIO FITNESS TRAINING re High Intensity Heart Rate Workouts.

We each have our preferred disciplines for this. The obvious, either in the gym or outside, being Cycling, Running, Rowing, Walking (fast), and Gym Resistance Circuits with 20sec. on and 6sec.max rest between stations. Combinations of two or more suit most people e.g. Triathlons. If you think you’re up to it the best approach for this would be to initially work out using your favourite for at least 45 minutes and graduating up to the next level by adding another 15 minutes and then including another activities as your fitness increases. Build up to a total of say 2 hours which is probably more than enough for the purpose of the whole exercise routine.

STRENGTH TRAINING re Barbells, Dumbbells, Resistance Machine Workouts

Strength training workouts will most certainly benefit from being physically fit so it pays to always have a decent level of cardio fitness while weight training. The endurance gained from being fit will mean you can decrease your rest periods and increase your rep range, and or, the increase in endurance will mean training with bigger weights and so it will be easier to keep the number of reps up. To get the best from weight training have regular workouts, good nutrition, and a good level of cardio fitness.

So if the three components are combined with the right balance and maximum physical effort done in a way to suit your inherent physical makeup then there is no reason why you can’t expect good results.

Go for it. It’ll be a blast.