Date: Jan 30, 2017

Beginning with the standard narrow grip choose the Seated Row Double-D handle.

Posture comes first so ensure your back is straight and knees slightly bent. Lean forward, keep your back straight, and grasp the D-handle. Your knees will bend a little more to achieve this. Now pull the handle back so your back is in an upright position and your knees are slightly bent, and your arms are straight out but with the elbows slightly bent and your shoulders slightly forward.

Suck in some air, release it at the same time turn on your core and begin to pull the bar back. Now keeping your back straight bring the handle back so it is at chest height but your elbows and shoulders are down and back. Remember it’s a back exercise and with the close grip it’s the middle and lower traps, posterior delts, rhomboids and lats that are doing the work. Feel the squeeze in the centre of the back. By leaning back the upper traps can be worked but this will take some of the focus off the middle and lower traps. Drop the shoulders on the eccentric movement and squeeze the lats for maximum benefit.

To ensure full contraction right across your back focus on the centre of your back on both the concentric and eccentric movement. The target muscles to achieve this are the Rhomboids and Middle Traps which draw your scapula back. Both of these muscles are an important part of exercising for good posture.

For the wide grip seated row choose the 1200mm Lat Revolving Exercise Bar.

Basically, the wide grip is the same as the narrow grip except for the posture and it does put greater emphasis on the shoulders and upper back.

Lean forward and grasp the ends of the bar keeping your shoulders and upper arm as straight out as possible. Keeping your back straight bring the bar back with your shoulders and upper arms as straight out as possible until your posture is upright. Your back is now straight up and your head is in line with your back.

Suck in some air, release it and at the same time turn on your core and begin to pull the bar back with the focus on the middle traps, rhomboids, lats, and delts. Keep the bar at chest height, or slightly higher, throughout the movement. On both the concentric and eccentric phases maintain the same posture throughout.

Experiment with the two positions to determine which feels better but at the same time ensuring that the action you choose is going to result in a strong upright posture and power packed back.