Manufacture & Marketing of Supplements

Date: Nov 27, 2016

You might have been asking yourself what could be bigger than Starwars. 

Well the answer you’ve been looking for is The Manufacture and Marketing of Supplements. It has to be the biggest marketing/advertising campaign on the planet and it’s growing at a rate that suggests it might be out of control. That is to say the number of brands is increasing, the variations of strengths increasing, the variations of additional supplements added to the primary supplement are increasing at a very fast pace. 

How are you going to know which brand or supplement strength to choose? The intense level of marketing will no doubt have a hand in that. Because unless you want a specific vitamin or specific mineral on its own, which is now becoming less likely to be available, then you will also have a mixture of other vitamins and minerals in the same capsule or tablet. It may be that you do need some of those vitamins and minerals as well as the primary vitamin or mineral. However, if you take supplements and don’t actually need them, it may be putting unnecessary stress on your kidneys and or liver. 

If you feel you have a deficiency then try to get a tablet that is specifically for that deficiency and of sufficient strength to allow for a good level of absorption, as your absorption rate will vary, depending on whether you are 25 or 50. Take people at or on the wrong side of 50 to 60 years old. Their body’s ability to absorb vitamins and minerals started to fail 20 to 30 years ago, so how are they going to know how much of any kind of supplement will be needed to rectify a mineral or vitamin deficiency.

They’re not going to know unless they can spend some time researching and even then it’s probably a bit hit and miss. But before you do that you will need to properly evaluate your current state of health. A full set of blood tests from your GP might help or try walking, running, do an hour at the gym, and see how you feel. You could just need some exercise to get your metabolism up which in turn will help lose any extra weight and maybe just make you feel better. Even a change in scenery can be a good tonic. 

It’s a whole lot cheaper than supplements and long term, more healthy. So check it out before you fall unnecessarily under the spell of a very powerful marketing machine that is so intense it has the ability to convince some people it’s really doing them some good. So much so that physiologically they do feel better for a while but, there is the possibility, and the reality, it’s just the marketing triggering hope and any physical change is short lived.

Anyway so who is buying supplements? Everyone is buying them whether they really need them or not. We are completely surrounded by messages that give us a reason to buy them. After all, the entire atmosphere is full of pollutants that surely have an adverse effect on our health. The soil that grows our food is lacking in the nutrients that we need to keep us healthy. 

So given the fact that we breathe pollutants and we don’t get enough vital minerals from vegetables that are grown in pretty much barren soil then, in part, the advertising is true in that there is a real need for supplementation. However, there is another side to the marketing of supplements and that is for the people who have a genuine health problem which their doctor says he cannot assist them without the use of drugs. Drugs which supposedly are designed for one purpose, but unfortunately all those drugs have a list of side effects a mile long which can create the need for other drugs or some form of supplement to remedy the side effects.

And nobody knows how the drug is made and what chemicals make up the drug. At least with a bottle of whatever from the health shop it shows what vitamins, minerals, herbs, the capsule or tablet contains so if you think anything on that list is suspect and may upset you in some way, then don’t buy it. Look for another brand that doesn’t have that vitamin, herb, or mineral. The thing is if you feel you could do with a boost and consider supplements to be a possibility one answer might be to stick to the basic vitamins and minerals. The B vitamins, and vitamins A, C, D, and the minerals, magnesium, potassium, zinc, copper, iron. One or two of these and some appropriate exercise might be all you need.

 Good health and…. May the force be with you.


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