Choosing a gym according to management, equipment, cost, and your personality

Date: Nov 27, 2016

Clive Greens Gym Newmarket Auckland

One of the best equipped and best run gyms in Auckland was Clive Greens in Newmarket about 15 years ago. Even looking at today’s standards it was better managed than at least 9 out of 10 current gyms and an equal to the 10th. 

The reason for this was because it was owned and run by Clive Green. Clive had been a body builder in his day plus he was very outgoing and had, a very real, consideration for the members needs. He was regularly going around the gym and having a word with all members at some stage. For Clive it was as much about the needs of the members as it was about making a buck. The gym was loaded with more than enough equipment to satisfy the needs of body builders and plenty of equipment for those coming to a gym for the first time. Included was a ‘circuit’ of resistance machines which is sadly lacking in today’s gyms.

Every year he went off to the States to bring back new equipment. At one stage he had some of the older, but still useful machines, re-powder coated thereby constantly keeping the look of the gym up to scratch. 

When I was training for the New Zealand indoor rowing championships I asked Clive if it would be possible to access the gym at an earlier time in order to focus on training with less people around. He didn’t say anything he just took the front door key to the gym off his key ring and handed it to me. Such was his judgment when it came to looking after the members. 

Another time he offered to assist me with training. He came in to the gym and for 3 hours we discussed various methods of training along with the offer to help out anytime at no cost. It would be highly unlikely to find such a character owning and or managing one of today’s gyms. 

The above is the best you could possibly hope for when looking for a gym offering a great range of equipment, plenty of space, always tidy, and an owner who knows how to look after your fitness and health. 

If you’re the type who is mindless to any of that then it probably won’t matter which gym you join. You could just find somewhere with gym equipment and spend some time picking up some weights and putting them down again and then after a couple of months over a couple of beers you can have a think about why nothings changed. However if you do have a mind at all you’ll realise that to achieve a decent level of strength, fitness, and health then a more suitable, across the board, real gym environment, might help. 

The numerous boutique style of gym all look the same and are equipped pretty much the same way so if that’s what you want then it’s just a matter of joining the one that’s the closet. It’ll do the job but without the variation of equipment the larger gyms can offer. They are a go to gym, to do your stuff, and leave feeling “Well I did something…just not sure what good its doing for me overall.”

The next ones up are gyms that you probably want to get a free weeks pass and spend as much time as possible there to get a real feel for the atmosphere, the types that go there, and does the management and staff appear to be actively  involved in ensuring the members are looked after? It’s not uncommon to see a new member floundering around without a clue of what to do and no one in sight to assist. And look to see if the equipment is put back when finished with. Cost shouldn’t really come in to it. The difference in fees might only amount to a cup of coffee per week. If you want to look after your health and you find a gym that’s right then just pay whatever the fee is and get on with it.

But take a bit of time to choose because if you are serious about your health then you want a gym that matches your personality and physical requirements. It’ll help to ensure the exercises work for you and the result is a good one


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