Date: Dec 13, 2016

Well actually there may be quite a number of people that can benefit from blood pressure pills. And there might be a considerable amount of people that are on blood pressure pills and really don’t need to be. And there might be a lot of people who could avoid the possibility of having high blood pressure at some stage in life. That is to say if they took better care of themselves and avoided stuff like salt and sugar, drank more water and less coffee, and less or no alcohol, and started an appropriate exercise regime. And kept it up.

Inflammation can also push up blood pressure so be aware coughs, colds, injuries, any kind of ongoing illness may play a part in raised blood pressure. Mental or physical stress also is going to raise the blood pressure up from your normal level. When the stress stops the blood pressure will drop back to whatever happens to be your normal level.

Medical practitioners have finally realised that going to their clinic to have blood pressure levels taken will in itself raise blood pressure which they now take into account and with the use of a bit of guess work, estimate a likely reading. So it’s going to depend on whether you are in a state of anxiety, and at what level, as to just how accurate the reading is.

If you are inclined towards high blood pressure your best bet would be to buy a blood pressure monitor and keep an eye on it yourself. By doing that any fluctuations may be able to be adjusted by keeping an eye on sugar, salt, stress, overeating, not enough water, and lack of proper exercise.

But remember it’s not just a pill you are taking. It’s a very strong drug and you don’t know what it’s made from. It’s very similar to the drugs out on the street in that once you start taking it you are hooked from a medical standpoint. It even might make you feel a bit better and it will certainly reduce the risk associated with high blood pressure, but it has a list of possible side effects a mile long. If there is an adverse side effect then you’ll be started on another one to see how that goes. But it doesn’t make sense to be in a bad situation that could quite possibly have been avoided.

Whatever the case you’ll probably be told you are on it for life. And one good reason for that is, because no one seems to have any interest in putting any effort into getting you off it.

So make the effort before you are confronted with the possibility of taking a drug with side effects for the rest of your life. Start by getting off the salt and sugar. Cakes are loaded with sugar which is why they are liked so much. If you have a spoonful of sugar with each of the 6 cups of tea or coffee per day that’s 6 spoons of sugar. Avoid drinks with high amounts of sugar. Salt is in a lot of stuff, all processed foods, sauces, tinned Tuna has high amounts of salt, the gravy and mint sauce on your roast is very high in salt.

The choice you have is to reduce your sugar and salt intake, drink more water and less other liquids like alcohol and  coffee, get some appropriate exercise, or face the likelihood of high blood pressure and a life time of taking a drug with side effects.