Date: Aug 10, 2017

Given the number of gyms and individuals now entering the fitness industry it’s become more about the marketing and the money, than providing a quality personal service. Sure, there are plenty of people calling themselves  ‘personal trainers’.

But what are they really doing, besides giving the client a whole variety of mostly ineffective exercises in an effort to try keeping their interest up, and in the process misleading the client into believing their trainer knows what he or she is doing.

It’s a bit of a harmless con really, unless of course, it’s detrimental to their health. But does the client know or care? In their ignorance probably neither. So where does that leave the client in terms of fitness and strength?

The reality is not a lot better off than when they started unless they have been with the same ‘trainer’ for some years in which case surely something must have been achieved.

The answer for people who are really keen to improve their health would be to use a TARGETED PERSONAL TRAINING method which has the benefit of training across the board for FITNESS, HEALTH, STRENGTH, MOBILITY and FLEXIBILTY.

This method is suitable for TARGETED TRAINING FOR ALL AGES AND ANY STATE OF HEALTH. It has very real benefits using an experienced trainer like PERSONALTRAINERAUCK.CO.NZ who can guide you through an exercise to increase your strength and, at the same time, focus on an increased range of motion and flexibility for optimum results.

Both and are based on AUCKLAND’S NORTH SHORE and are available in all areas from TAKAPUNA TO ALBANY.

Give it a shot. The assessment is free with no obligation to continue. Only good came come from it.


Date: Jun 25, 2017

The nutritionists used to get you to make a list of everything you ate, and the time when you ate it, for 7 days. Then they pretended to know what to do with the information. They’d conjure up a studious look on their face and proceed to write up an entirely new diet based on, in actual fact, not much information at all. No questions asked like ‘did any of your diet give you energy’ or ‘did any of your diet produce fatigue, or ‘how much sleep do you get’ or how much water do you drink per day’ or what’s your mental energy like during the day’ or ‘what time of the day do you feel best’ or do any of your blood tests show abnormalities?

The thing is with the people that eat coffee and cigarettes for breakfast, lunch, and God knows what for dinner, part of the solution is obvious to anyone. It may not happen quite like that however you can bet the farm it’s pretty close so it’s a waste of time to pursue the matter in this blog.

However being overweight or underweight can be habit forming especially after a long period of time doing nothing about it. People that have been overweight for a long time, to a degree, will have developed a mind set or eating habit in the way they habitually eat the wrong things or have too much of even the right things.

Relationships and poor interaction with others can play a part in being either overweight or underweight. It may be that your partner has dumped you. So what…. get another one and move on. It’s no reason to eat badly and be unhealthy because you haven’t been appreciated. So look after yourself with good food and good exercise.

Work related stress and as a consequence not eating properly during the work day can only make stress worse especially if it carries over to your home life.

The bottom line is get the lead out and discipline yourself to do what you instinctively know is to be the right thing to do. And that is don’t eat stuff you already know is wrong for you. Have meals you really do know is right for you and makes you feel better. Eat only when you need to eat and not for the sake of eating. Do not eat takeaways when you know it’s just not the thing to help with any health problems you might have.

Eat to be healthy……Eat to have a good life


Date: Jun 25, 2017

Want a full body workout? Then head straight for the rowing machine.

Along with some other exercises that are relevant to improving rowing power and ability, rowing can improve strength in your legs, back, arms, glutes and core. The exercise itself and associated exercises will also help to give you an A1 posture. Plus with a dedicated program, and your dedication, it will improve your health and fitness level out of sight.

However, to achieve all of the above the personal requirement for you is to actually like rowing. You may have to sit on that rower for up to an hour, and possibly longer. Plus you’ll have to spend some time with resistance machines like seated row, leg curl and leg extension.

There are 2 levels that you can consider.

The first is to dedicate your workouts to rowing to encompass all of your fitness needs. A full on program will be 2 days on and 2 days off sessions or if you have the stamina an extended 1 day session with 1 day off

If you can’t handle that then go to plan B

Plan B is to integrate it in to your normal gym workouts. Even a twenty to thirty minute session 3 times a week along with other cardio workouts and, subject to your currant fitness level, run your heart rate at 75 to 90%. It will go a long way to an improved fitness level although it would probably suit most people to have a greater variation of exercises in their workouts. Variation, for some, can be a lot more interesting as opposed to taking the whole thing too seriously.

But rowing is special. It’s an all round fitness and strength workout but it would definitely not turn everybody’s crank as it is seen by some as boring, which apparently overrides the prime objective which is to be fit and strong. So it’s up to the individual to make the choice as to how one goes about getting fit, keeping in mind that to get the best out of anything, it requires that bit extra. Mentally and physically.

But it is special because properly worked with the associated exercises it can be a total gym workout in itself. So, step up and go for gold in the rowing.


Date: Jun 13, 2017

Change no.1

The obvious change is the number of gyms that are constantly springing up all over the place. And it’s like anything, if there appears to be a need for something then someone will be there to have a go at filling the need.

But it would seem the considerations for filling the need for gyms doesn’t go past a building and sticking some equipment in it. In other words there doesn’t seem to have been any real thought shown regarding a good wide ranging balance of resistance and free weights. The idea of opening another gym appears to be more a matter of simply catering to the high population growth.

The high increase in numbers of immigrants of all nationalities coming into the country and joining gyms probably make up somewhere between one third to half the membership. And it’s on the rise. If all those new memberships from the very high immigration disappeared, there would not necessarily be the currant demand for new gyms. The immigrants seem to take a greater interest in a moderate level of fitness and strength than the locals so, when they get here, they want to join a gym.

Despite the increased number of gyms and members the overall setup of the gyms has really not changed much, and indeed in some areas whilst they are not going backwards, they are not going forward either. In fact it’s only the presence of the odd very good trainer that can make some observable difference.

Each gym always has its own varied kind of membership although there obviously has to be some overlap as members of a gym will at some stage feel another gym has something better to offer to fill a gap in their personal needs. Although after a while some of them return to the first one.

Change no. 2

The other change is what’s going on inside the gyms. Or rather what’s not going on inside the gyms, and there’s quite a bit of it. And that is a lack of true professionalism amongst the management and staff. A reference was made in an earlier blog entry to Clive Greens Gym situated in Newmarket many years ago. Clive Greens was better than any of the local gyms for hands on management, variety of equipment, and experienced trainers who in the main had competed in some form of bodybuilding and the like.

Also there appears to be a distinct lack of ‘floating trainers’ and that is someone with sufficient experience to be able to assist, where necessary, members with poor technique. The spinoff of this is an increase of members who, through no fault of their own, wouldn’t know technique if they fell over it. This creates a blank in the professional area of the running of the gym. Consequently the gym ends up with a whole lot of members doing their best to build some muscle and increase their fitness level but, without professional guidance to help them on their way.

Unless of course they can get an experienced trainer to help them, which costs money, and the majority of members cannot afford the cost. It goes right back to gym Management to provide some consistent form of technique instruction for those members who have chosen that gym, but can’t afford to pay for a trainer.

This is an area in gyms that badly needs to change but unless the gyms have the right management skills and consideration towards members then don’t hold your breath.